Your Guide In The Renewable’s Jungle

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly important as well as popular, but it’s quite a jungle out there, what solar panels should I get? Which wind turbine coverts the best? Is it sunny enough where I live? Is it windy enough where I live? Dont’ worry, we’re gonna help you answer these questions!

Solar Power Facts: A Brighter Future Blog

The Solar Power Facts blog keeps you up to date with all additions and changes to the Green Planet Solar Energy website – Build a Brighter Future. Subscribe here.

The Photovoltaic Solar Cell: how it works

Find out how a Photovoltaic Solar Cell generates electricity from sunshine! No-nonsense text and clear pictures make understanding this topic a breeze.

Home Solar Power: meet all your energy needs

Home solar power is more affordable now than ever before and thanks to Government rebates it is within reach of most people.

What Solar Power Rebate Do I Qualify For?

Many Governments are now offering home owners a significant solar power rebate to cut the cost of installing household solar electricity. Find out what you are entitled to claim and what is required.

Solar Power Heating for Your Home

Solar power heating for your home – explore what’s available, and find out what’s best for your home. Cost effective and low maintenance, solar heating is ideal for your home and the planet.

Buying Cheap Solar Panels

If you know what to look for you can find cheap solar panels in many places. These can be either new or used solar panels. Either way, here are some tips about getting the best for your money.

Solar Garden Decor

There is a large range of available solar garden decor items to make your garden more attractive while being as environmentally friendly as possible. Live green with your solar garden.

Swimming Pool Solar Heaters, Blankets, Pumps And More

There are many items such as pool solar heaters, pumps, lights and more that can make your pool more enjoyable, easier to maintain and more environmentally friendly.

Solar Camping: Go Green in the Bush

I love camping and bushwalking. The stillness and the calm are what I find most appealing. Solar camping equipment gives us the chance to have an impact-free camping experience.

Solar Energy Gadgets For A Green Life

There is a huge range of small scale solar energy devices on the market today, with more appearing all the time. The majority of these devices are aimed at charging mobile electronic devices.

Future Solar Energy: The Big Projects

Here are some of the best large scale current and future solar energy projects from around the world. These landmark projects are as impressive as they are essential.

The Chemistry Of It All

This page focuses on the chemistry behind the operation of solar energy. The concepts are broad and fascinating and empower us to see the brilliance in the humble solar cell.

Chemistry Definitions: The Chemistry of Solar Part 2

Chemistry Definitions: We have previously learned about what atoms and elements are, and how their outer shell electrons determine how they behave around other atoms.

Wind Turbines Or Solar Panels?

This is a common question. Normally solar panels are more effective and yields more energy, but obviously, if you’re not living in a sunny place, it might not be optimal. Wind turbines/generators are a great alternative for when the weather doesn’t let you use solar panels efficiently.

Here on Green Planet Solar, we focus on solar panels, but we have partners who knows everything about and offers home or residential windmills and wind generators.

How Do Batteries Work? Technical Details and Applications

We use batteries in everyday life and many of our devices are reliant on them, but how do batteries work? The main focus of this section is rechargeable batteries.

Fossil Fuels or Solar Future? We must choose carefully

Solar or fossil? Let’s take a look at the future of fossil fuels and of ourselves if we continue to rely on them. The evidence suggests that we need to re-think our approach to energy use.

What Is Biofuel?

What is Biofuel and how can it help us solve the current energy and pollution crises? Biofuels have received a lot of industrial, political and media attention recently.

Plastics Raw Materials, Properties and Production

Plastics Raw Materials: Most of the plastics we use are made from crude oil. The processes involved in turning the oil into the final product are not beyond our grasp

Earth’s Solar Greenhouse

The solar greenhouse effect is the warming of the planet caused by too much heat from the sun being trapped by the atmosphere. This is a complex situation that requires some clear explanations.

The Energy Conservation Solution: Power Use Reduction

The best energy conservation solution is to have a more positive impact on the environment by reduce our home energy use.

Energy Efficient Houses: Further Action

For us to have energy efficient houses there are many no or minimal cost measures we can enact. Beyond those, we will need to invest some further resources into making our homes future friendly.

Carbon Offset Credits: Make A Difference

Carbon Offset Credits, also called simply Carbon Offsets, are a way to fund projects that directly reduce the amount of Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere and therefore offset our activities.

Solar Energy Education For Kids – hands on experiments

Solar energy education helps children appreciate the uses of Solar Power. These experiments have easy to follow instructions and are free to use. Start investigating!

Childrens Science Experiments: Learn with Fun

This section of childrens science experiments is dedicated to learning through fun and to develop the child’s natural curiosity.These experiments are split into appropriate age categories.

Mathematics Freeware – Build Essential Skills

Mathematics Freeware: Our children benefit from strong basic maths skills and I will be providing the tools and techniques that will give your child the best chance of success in this subject.

Free Math Worksheets for Intermediate Skill Building

This section provides you with free math worksheets that cover the intermediate skills of order of operations (BODMAS), fractions and basic equation solving. All the worksheets are free to use.

Algebra Help: From Basics To Advanced

Almost all students need algebra help at some point. The clearer the concepts are at the beginning stages the easier it is for your child to learn more involved processes.

Math Puzzles and Games for Kids

Math puzzles and games are a great way to reinforce learning and develop problem solving.

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