Bakken Oil: 
Cash Machine or Money Pit?

The Bakken oil field, now with the Three Forks field, seems to keep getting better and better. Everybody is looking for a sure-fire winner when it comes to investment, so news that the latest United States Geological Survey (USGS) release has doubled the oil estimate and tripled the gas estimate for this region has been warmly welcomed.

bakken boundaries

Sound too good to be true? Maybe yes, maybe no. In order to sort out fact from fiction, we can have a look at the data provided by the Government experts. With a bit of logical reasoning at least some of the facts will become clearer. 

Increased USGS Bakken Oil Estimates: Great!

First, the facts. For the combined Bakken / Three Forks oil bearing region, the USGS estimates 7.05 billion barrels of oil, half a billion barrels of liquid natural gas and 6.7 trillion cubic feet of natural gas are technically recoverable. That's an important term, and I'll get onto that shortly.

It is important to realize here that the values just mentioned are an ESTIMATE, an educated guess. A guess by experts, but still a guess. Their assessment for all these resources varies 50% to either side. For example, with the oil their LOWER end estimate is 4.4 billion barrels. The actual values for the estimates are on the 2013 USGS report on the formation.

It is also worth keeping in mind that the gas estimate has risen so dramatically because of the inclusion of the Three Forks formation in the same analysis as the Bakken results. The increase was not due to the USGS finding vastly more gas in the area than was known before. 

discrete oil deposit

Continuous Oil = Continuous Work

The term "technically recoverable" is very appropriate to this and all continuous oil formations. In order to access financially viable amounts of oil regular drilling (vertical) needs to be combined with horizontal drilling and the highly controversial process of fracking.

Fracking in one area will only make the oil of that area available. If we are to extract all the oil from the bakken / Three Forks formation, the entire area would need to be fracked. And once that process is performed in an area it can never be undone, and problems associated with it will be there to stay for a long time.

continuous deposit as in Bakken oil

Not all oil-bearing shale deposits are equally accessible. Depth of the deposit as well as ease of access on the surface terrain will make a proportion of this oil forever out of reach, even though it is still "technically" recoverable.

Technically we could send people to Jupiter. The point is the estimates do not include this factor. It is easy to see that access and depth will have very large effects on the profitability or lack of for any drilling operation in the region.

Does Bakken Oil mix with Salt?

No it does not, but I will still be looking at the Bakken with a grain of salt. When reading non-governmental claims about the profits to be had investing your money in Bakken oil development, I strongly recommend a calm, logical fact-oriented approach. It doesn't look like a winner to me, but I am not an expert in oil drilling; I have just accumulated some facts and reasoning as I have outlined above.

Last Updated 7th March 2014

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What Do You Think?

If you've got some experience investing or working in this region or if you have an opinion on this article or part of its contents, you can start a discussion using the form below.

Remember, the more detail you can add initially, the more other readers will be able to provide constructive comments.

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