Childrens Science Experiments:
Exciting and Educational

This section of childrens science experiments is dedicated to learning through fun and to develop the child's natural curiosity.

While many of these experiments are not directly tied to solar energy, they all feature either concepts that are related like magnetism, charge, electricity flow and so on. There are also a few in here that are just good fun, too good to miss out on.

These experiments are split into appropriate age categories, as with the kids' solar experiments. Please make sure you take all necessary precautions when doing these practical activities with your child.

Childrens Science Experiments By Age


Bending Water: This experiment turns an ordinary pen into a magic wand capable of bending a stream of water. Have a look at this simplest of water science experiments here!

Rainbow Celery: This is an easy science project to show that plants move water from their roots to their leaves and lets your child make an interesting bouquet along the way!


Make Your Own Compass: Make your very own north-pointing compass out of a sewing needle, a glass of water and a magnet.

Balloon Rocket: Blast your way across the room with the balloon rocket experiment! Easy, safe and lots of fun, this experiment deals with pressure and can be extended to cover some advanced topics for older kids.

Brownian Motion: Find out what happens to water molecules when they are heated in this simple and safe water science experiment using hot water and food dye. This experiment is good for all ages too!

The Volcano Experiment: This classic kid's experiment is both a construction project and a chemistry investigation rolled into one. Have a look at the Volcano Experiment!

Growing Beans: Let your child see the wonder of the growth of the root and leaf system of a bean plant with this simple and cheap bean plant science experiment. A must for all children 8 years and over!

Paper Chromatograpy: Learn more about the nature of colour with this simple paper towel experiment that uses household items to take apart water based marker inks.


Egg Parachute: Use a plastic shopping pag and some other common household items to create an egg parachute design that will allow an egg to fall from a great height without breaking!

Bread Mold: Learn what is living on your kitchen bench with this simple easy to set up test. See the bread mold experiment in action today. This is one of the easiest childrens science experiments you will find!

Dripping Tap: Collect water with a dripping tap and use a spreadsheet to predict future water losses with this easiest of simple science projects! This is a great way to introduce your child to spreadsheets or extend her skills in this area.

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Here's a site with some excellent free science projects for young kids on a variety of topics including plant and animal biology, physics and more. The site is still quite young but the quality of information is excellent, and it offers even more childrens science experiments.

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